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Safest Web Browser for privately surfing ANY web page.
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A Safe & Private Web Browser designed for today's dangerous internet

How to use ToughSurf Online Web Browser?

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  • Try your one FREE trial, then buy session credits as needed.
  • When you want to safely surf the web with ToughSurf browser just log into your account, go to "Start Session" section and select which session you want to use (Standard, PRO or Trial).

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Register for an account and verify your email address to try a FREE session of , so you can personally see how you can safely surf the web without worries of virus infections and without leaving temp files on your PC from your surfing session. As a bonus your IP address is not shown to websites you visit using ToughSurf Online.

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What does ToughSurf Online Web Browser do?

Surf any website using our ToughSurf Online browser and be worry free about infections, tracking cookies, temp files, spyware or IP address & location tracking from websites that you visit. There will be no tracking or temp files left on your PC when using ToughSurf Online Browser session.

Don't let your computer get infected while surfing the web, "Just borrow our computers thru ToughSurf Online to safely surf the web".

11 Nov 2013

Is a safe web browser for Windows based computers possible?

Tough Web Browser Technology Our technicians have developed a 100% safe browser for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based PC that will enable you to safely visit ANY website. This is excellent news for PC users with the ever increasing dangers of visiting unknown websites. While browsing the internet unprotected, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in computer repair and countless hours of time when trying to regain a stolen identity. Protecting your computer with ToughSurf will keep you from all virus and spyware infections, no need to worry of identity theft, online credit card theft, loss of computer and personal data loss.

With our ToughSurf Online Internet Browser your PC will be 100% safe from any virus, spyware, malware or rootkit infection hidden in websites! Plus added benefits of having your IP address hidden & no temp files, cookies or web history left on your PC.

28 Sept 2008

ToughSurf Online Browser Comparison Chart

  ToughSurf Online Proxy Services / VPN Services (Others)
Safe Child Plugins/Parental Software/ID Protectors
100% Virus Free YES NO NO
Local Cookies/Temp Data from Websites visited? None YES Yes
Website History? NO YES Varies
Encrypted Data Transfer? YES YES with VPN NO
Java Enabled Browser required? YES NO Varies
Private? YES YES with VPN Varies
Your IP Address hidden? YES YES Varies
Installation Required? NO YES YES

(Buy as Needed)
$10 proxy per month and $15+ proxy w/vpn Varies
30 July 2013

Picture of ToughSurf Internet Browser in Action.

ToughSurf Online Web Browser keeps you safe and private when surfing the web.

14 Dec 2013